Manual transmissions are still available on some models of cars even though the automatic transmission has become very popular. Each of the types of transmission has its own unique qualities which a car buyer may consider. One may be more important than the other, depending on the needs and tastes of the person perusing the new car.

Benefits of Manual & Automatic Transmission

The manual transmission has been known to have a positive impact on gas mileage. Manual transmissions are able to reduce the price of overall gasoline cost, and they also are better able at acceleration. You can expect to pay less for manual transmission and service costs are not as high as an automatic. The automatic transmission on the other hand has a great deal of convenience to it. You can find automatic transmissions will have cruise control that manuals will not have. An automatic transmission works well in heavy urban traffic because it can handle the stop and go traffic much better.

Features of Manual Transmission above Automatic

In a head-to-head competition the manual transmission is going to do better. It doesn’t have the maintenance cost of the automatic transmission, and has better efficiency. Moreover, there’s greater control with a manual transmission than there is with the automatic. You will get power with a manual transmission. As mentioned before, the acceleration of the manual is superior with more precise shifting of the gears.

Reasons behind the use of Automatic Transmission

Automatic transmissions will overheat much faster than a manual transmission. But, the irony of it all is that automatic transmissions are increasingly being placed in cars despite being less efficient. What seems to be the reason? It all comes down to convenience.

Problems with Manual Transmission

The advantages being considered; manual transmissions also have some problems. They’re not that many car models that have the manual variety; mainly sports cars and smaller vehicles. You also have to have a certain amount of skill to operate manual properly. While the manual transmission is great on the open road, rush-hour traffic can be a problem. You’ll find yourself doing a lot of gear shifting as you navigate the lanes. Manual transmissions also are little bit difficult to sell because not that many people are interested in them.

No training required with Automatic Transmission

It doesn’t take a sophisticated driver to handle automatic transmission. In fact, a person doesn’t need to have any training in order to operate the automatic transmission at all. Anyone can sit behind the wheel of a car with an automatic transmission and get the wheels to roll. Some car enthusiasts will frown at this but the average consumer does not. Automatic transmissions are for those who are looking for a comfortable ride. They are not a James Bond type of driver.

Automatic Transmission is easier to use

There’s no question that repair work on the automatic transmission is going to be more expensive. However, that assumes that the driver is not very aware of problems in the transmission. A schedule of preventive maintenance can minimize the costs of repair, since the mechanic can catch a problem in time before it gets out of hand. Even if there are some repairs involved, there is the question of the resale. A manual transmission can scare somebody who is not familiar with how it works. The automatic transmission is so much easier to use. This all by itself is going to convince a buyer. It is possible that the seller of a manual transmission car is going to have to offer a lower price.

Decision depends on buyer’s taste

It comes down to the taste of the buyer. Anyone who enjoys driving on the open road and being able to maneuver the automobile is going to enjoy a manual transmission. Lower sales price and cheap repairs is also great enticement. Those who want a comfortable ride are going to look very seriously at the automatic transmission. Such people are more concerned with regular traffic, especially in the city.


The comfortable ride and easy transportation justifies for them the higher cost. In a one on one comparison the manual transmission is more efficient; the automatic is far more convenient. The manual transmission will cost less to buy and have smaller repair bills. The car with the automatic transmission will be able to command a higher price when it is time to sell it. That can shift the decision from the manual to the automatic transmission car.

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