Land Rover

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for Replacing a Malfunctioning Airbag in a

Land Rovers are well-known for their durable designs and sleek features.

However, it is a perfect combination of function and style for families.

Airbag in Land Rover is one of the most important aspects of driving safely.

Bring your Land Rover to a mechanic to suspect your failed airbag.

The Importance of Airbags

Due to the technology used in the airbags, it is considered as the safest car.

Airbag system provides a soft cushion for the driver in an accident.

Soft surface of airbag reduces the damage the driver during an accident.

By wearing the seatbelt, the airbags are saving your life and reduce injuries.

Signs the Airbag is Malfunctioning

Warning light on the dashboard

Trigger airbag sensors

Airbag light flashes




How to Troubleshoot a Malfunctioning Airbag?

Troubleshooting a bad airbag is challenging unless you are a mechanic.

First clear the ECU, then check whether the airbag light is on or not.

Dell’s service center for your Land Rover

Driving the Land Rover when the airbags do not work is not safe and a huge risk.

Visit our trusted service center to look into the problem and fix the airbags.